PokerStars Championship Sochi 2017: Main Event - Final Table. HD

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Participants of the final table, the Main Event PokerStars Championship 2017 in Sochi:

1. Syed Gavam, 35 years old, Iran - 2,125,000
An amateur from Iran, the owner of a bookmaker's office and a frequent visitor to the Cyprus series, although he usually prefers cash game tournaments, so the amount of his official prize is below $ 75,000. Every day ended up in the top 10 on the stacks.

2. Vladimir Troyanovsky, 43 years old, Russia - 1,791,000
We do not need to present Vovtroy to our readers. Search on the site will give a detailed dossier on this master tournament game with countless achievements both online and live.

3. Pavel Shirshikov, 30 years old, Russia - 2,914,000
The 30-year-old "grandfather of this game," as he calls himself in today's video report. Last year he left online and now builds a career, traveling to European casinos.

4. Dmitry Vitkind, 35 years old, Russia - 1,053,000
Another participant who did not need to be represented at this final table, which we missed. Dmitry's "heads-up" with Ilya Gorodetsky took place in 2010.

5. Lavrentiy Nee, 28 years old, Kazakhstan - 2,949,000
The prize money is still only $ 50,000, the greater part is for the second place in one of the tournaments in Cyprus.

6. Timur Bubnov, 38 years old, Russia - 783,000
An amateur from Vladivostok, but with experience playing at the WSOP and in Macau. Won a ticket to Spin & Go for $ 10.

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